What is LANAP?

LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure), otherwise known as laser gum surgery, has been FDA-approved since 2004 as another treatment modality for periodontal disease.

Traditionally, periodontal pockets have been treated by surgery, which cuts and removes the gingiva (“gums”) and trims the irregular bone, thus reducing pocket depth. This treatment, called osseous surgery, results in receded tissue, or gum recession. Along with gum recession comes exposed roots and potentially root sensitivity (to hot/cold/sweets) and spaces between the teeth. Traditional surgery can be successful in helping retain teeth but there is a compromise in terms of comfort and esthetics. Because there is no “cutting and trimming” of the gingiva, with LANAP, there is significantly reduced gingival recession. Therefore, LANAP for the treatment of periodontal disease can help people keep their teeth without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

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